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Budgeting for the advanced grazing system

Budgeting for your Advanced Grazing System


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Full course description

The Advanced Grazing Systems Course aims to provide producers and extension specialists across Canada with an introductory understanding of the concepts of rotational grazing to develop a plan that will be relevant in their area and for the operation in question.  This course was developed with the help of forage and grazing experts across Canada.


So far, you will have been introduced to the goals, key concepts, mapping, extending the grazing season and monitoring and tracking the Advanced Grazing System.  The modules you may have already completed in this course are:


1.  Advanced Grazing Systems Goals 

2.  Advanced Grazing Systems Concepts 

3.  Mapping an Advanced Grazing System

4.  Extending an Advanced Grazing System  

5.  Monitoring and tracking an Advanced Grazing System

Once you have completed these modules, the next step is to learn how to budget and understand your profitability in an Advanced Grazing System.

6.  Budgeting for an Advanced Grazing System - learn how to build a budget and understand your profitability in an Advanced Grazing System.

This course will have various materials to review at your own pace and the ability to connect with others.  Some of the resources and learning activities include

  • a grazing plan template
  • a course handbook
  • videos
  • discussion boards
  • quizzes to test your knowledge
  • options to connect with a mentor